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  • SKIO is Safer

    Reduces errors of incorrect sorting and dropped pills. Also avoids the cost and potential safety issues with lost or dropped pills.

  • SKIO is Cleaner

    A hygienic sorting system. No need to touch the pills with your bare hands.

  • SKIO is Faster

    Allows you to spend less time sorting pills. Watch the video below and see how.

SKIO is the first system of its kind to address a crucial activity of daily living...

picking up and sorting pills into weekly/daily pill organizers.

Reasons to use SKIO:

  • Picking up and sorting pills can be frustrating, tedious, time consuming and challenging.
  • The risk of incorrect sorting increases as hand-eye coordination decreases...which could lead to potentially disastrous results.
  • The SKIO system fulfills a functional need while creating a sense of emotional fulfillment and independence for the user.
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